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Our Active Directory infrastructure comprises two sites and subnets. We created a user named Ralph on our primary site’s DC, and gave him a mailbox inside Exchange.


Logging into a workstation inside the secondary site as Ralph was fine. However when Ralph opened Outlook for the first time, his account information was not automatically entered.

First, we check that Ralph’s workstation can resolve autodiscover (I’m aware that domain-joined clients look for an SCP record in Active Directory for autodiscover information, but we’ll skip over that detail for now – especially because if the SPC record is not found, the client starts looking for DNS records anyway):


Clearly autodiscover is fine. Loading the autodiscover.xml page returns a proper document.

Next we checked that our AD information is replicating between sites. Remember Ralph was created in the primary DC. Sure enough, he didn’t exist yet inside the secondary AD’s Users and Computers.  Running a simple Replicate Now command solves the problem:


After waiting a minute or two for replication across sites to complete, Ralph’s Outlook Account Auto Setup information is autofilled and he can get on with his work.

Takeaway: User objects created in remote AD sites that have not replicated throughout the domain may not receive their Outlook Autodiscover/Autocomplete information until replication succeeds.