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Problem: You have a Dynamic Distribution Group (DDG) in Exchange 2010 or 2013 that delivers mail to a range of mailboxes. However, you want to prevent a user from being a member of this group without changing the user’s AD location or attributes.

Solution: In Exchange Management Shell, modify the DDG’s “RecipientFilter” property. Exchange Control Panel does not allow for adequate control over the filter to specify a single user be excluded, so we must use EMS! Hooray Powershell!

First, run
Get-DynamicDistributionGroup -Name “Group Name” | fl Name,RecipientFilter

RecipientFilter EMS one-liner.

EMS one-liner showing a Dynamic Distribution Group’s ReceipientFilter property.

and you will see the filter used to create the DDG on the fly:

Copy the entire filter argument into notepad, and add
-and -not(Name -like ‘Mailbox Display Name’)
to the end of the filter. Be aware the entire filter may be enclosed in parentheses and move the closing bracket as needed.

Now, when the group is generated, the final filter statement you created will remove the specified user’s membership and exclude them from the email.