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So you’ve got VEEAM installed, and a SQL configuration database connected to it. You’ve also got a service account for VEEAM (let’s call it DOMAIN\veeamsvc) which has permissions to read/write to the SQL Database. Backup jobs are running on behalf of the service account – all should be well.

One day you wake up and need to get into VEEAM to restore from backup. Let’s say it’s business critical stuff. You log into your Network Management Station and run the VEEAM B&R console to access your recovery interface. This pops up:


Uh oh. So first thing’s first, check your backup confirmation emails. You DO get backup job confirmation emails, right? Yes? And they’re telling you your regular backup jobs have all succeeded lately? Okay good. So the SQL database is working fine on the backend of things, and your backups are in there somewhere.

Then we check our services.msc: SQL Server (VEEAM) is running? Well obviously it has been if you’re getting success emails, but it’s good to check that it’s running in this moment of barred doors.SQLVeeamSVC

So what gives? Turns out that the VEEAM console uses your current Windows credentials to connect to the SQL configuration database. Which, if you told VEEAM to use a service account dedicated to this purpose, is a dumb way of doing things. When you log into your NMS as DOMAIN\your.username, VEEAM will attempt to connect to SQL as you, rather than the service account.

What to do? Run the VEEAM console as the service account user. There’s a quick way of doing this: Make a shortcut on your desktop that points to this:

C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /savecred /user:DOMAIN\veeamsvc “C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Backup\Veeam.Backup.Shell.exe”

This icon will ask for the service account’s password the first time you use it, then the /savecred flag will save the pw in future. Remove the flag if you are credential-conscious. For added zing, change the shortcut’s icon to the VEEAM console’s icon and you’ve got yourself a working console that will connect to the database, incidentally making you the hero as you save the day!