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After a greenfield, single server installation of SQL 2012, SharePoint 2013 with SP1, and Project Server 2013 with SP1, I was able to configure a Project Web Application site collection and web application. I was also able to log into the PWA as the Site Collection/Web App Administrator. All seemed well.

The next step was to share the site with my teammates’ domain accounts, granting them full access to PWA so they can collaborate on projects. This process worked fine, as shown:shareshared

However, when the user in question tried to log into the PWA site, he was greeted with “Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you.” as shown:

After I spent a few hours combing through permissions, searching all over the Web for a hint, and bemoaning my lack of SharePoint knowledge, I finally noticed a (very) brief, even offhand, reference to a setting in the User Profile Service. Link Here. (Mohd Faisal’s reply)

Find the User Profile Service inside Application Management –> Service Applications –> Manage services on server:

Well, my User Profile Service wasn’t even started.serviceoff

So I started it:


Instantly, my team mates could log into PWA with no more issues. Resolved!

Expect more posts in the coming months – Capstone is upon us and we are building fervently.