Walkalong: Troubleshooting an Unexpected Shutdown


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Today I christen a new post format: The Walkalong! Similar to a walkthrough except I’m writing as I go through the steps shown. I hope this lends some excitement because I have no idea what path we’ll travel as we work the problem. Let’s go!

Yikes… Not what anyone likes to see unexpectedly… My Exchange server in our satellite site (EXSat) had a bad time recently and I don’t know why!


Let’s go through the steps I took to investigate and troubleshoot:

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Exchange 2013 ECP HTTP 500 Unavailable


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Logging into my Exchange 2013 Exchange Control Panel (ECP) this morning at https://exchangehead/ecp , I was presented with the usual login screen. When I submitted my credentials, the site returned an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error:


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